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Software Development

Software Development

We develop customized, scalable and highly reliable platforms.

What we do
Headless CMS
Static Frontends
Cutting-edge software that balances frontend brilliance with backend resilience.

Visual and functional development and ongoing improvement of custom platforms that are inclusive, secure, and high-performant. The data management and infrastructure with headless CMS and static frontends enables the seamless integration of new features or content changes, infinite traffic and permanent uptime, ensuring uninterrupted service that adapts to evolving user needs and technology standards.

[object Object] Web and App Development
We realize responsive and interactive websites, applications and webtools.

Our experienced developers specialize in launching secure, scalable, and high-performing web and app solutions tailored to your specific needs — regardless of whether it is an e-commerce solution, marketing website, customer platform, web application or something else. Our expertise spans cutting-edge frontend frameworks, robust backend solutions, platform-specific native development, secure cloud platforms, CMS/API implementation, SEO optimization, and more. We work collaboratively with our clients to find the most suitable technology stack for your project, transforming every design to pixel perfect reality.

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We build robust web infrastructure for 100% uptime

Our team offers comprehensive expertise in both on-premise infrastructure, leveraging our or your existing servers, and cloud-based services from industry leaders like AWS and Netlify. We understand the unique challenges of web infrastructure, from maximizing uptime and optimizing costs to ensuring data security and scalability.

[object Object] Headless CMS
We decouple content management from presentation with a headless CMS.

A headless CMS offers freedom and flexibility. Instead of a one-size-fits-all website builder, it separates content management from the website. Imagine creating content once and delivering it seamlessly to any platform — websites, mobile apps and more. A headless CMS empowers you to manage content in a user-friendly interface, while developers have complete control over the presentation layer, ensuring a perfect fit for any unique vision.

[object Object] Static Frontends
We embrace lightning-fast performance with static frontends

Ditch the server headaches — we have specialized in the development of high-performance, static frontends. Unlike traditional websites that rely on servers to generate everything you see on-the-fly, we develop web apps that pre-render everything during build time, resulting in instant page loads for the user, enhanced security, and effortless global scalability.

Our applications inlude comprehensive security and semantic web features. Semantic Web
Our applications inlude comprehensive security and semantic web features.

Our expertise with Gatsby JS allows us to build React-based static websites with GraphQL for optimal data querying.

As advanced partner of Kontent.ai, we offer certified services for flexible content across multiple channels using Kontent.ai.

Highly customizable and collaborative content management through a decoupled, real-time content backend.

Streamlined and instant building, deploying, and hosting capabilities with scalable infrastructure and a robust CDN.

We deliver augmented reality apps that blend digital content with the real world, enhancing user joy and interactivity.

Clients profiting from this service:
Global, high performance web platforms for the fight against blood cancer.Global, high performance web platforms for the fight against blood cancer.
Since 2014
Global, high performance web platforms for the fight against blood cancer.
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Customer centric B2B wholesale experiences that convert.Customer centric B2B wholesale experiences that convert.
Since 2009
Customer centric B2B wholesale experiences that convert.
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