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Global, high performance web platforms for the fight against blood cancer.

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We have built a reliable, cutting-edge platform with headless CMS for the lifesaving organization DKMS.

As the digital lead agency for DKMS – a non-profit organization giving hope for blood cancer patients all around the globe – we were asked to realize their international website relaunch. We crafted a solution that attracts, educates and retains stem cell donors and handles more than 5,000,000 visitors and 100,000 registrations of new potential lifesavers per month.

[object Object] Thematic Sprints
Aiming to generate awareness, sales and joy.

In the initial concept phase, existing challenges, wishes and constraints of DKMS were elaborated in several collaborative, global sprint workshops. Based on the derived and defined goals, tangible solution proposals were developed and prioritized with the help of interactive prototypes. The most important goals were:

  • Drive sales (register more stem cell donors)
  • Aim for more available and contactable donors
  • Shape informed and committed users
  • Make the fundraising attractive and intuitive
[object Object] Feature Development
Features that are evaluated and user-tested.

New website features are continuously designed based on the initially defined goals, always keeping the user perspective and the fast support for patients in need at the center of every concept. In order to ensure valuable decisions, features are evaluated using real-world feedback from qualititative usability testing from Userlytics and analytics data using Piwik Pro.

Our agile sprint workflow allows for an iterative feature optimization and development within target-oriented sprints. This always ensures a state-of-the-art experience and full functionality of all websites.

[object Object] Interface Design
Design focussing on UX, usability and modularity.

After adapting the brand’s corporate design to the digital world in terms of accessibility and modularity, we created a modern, friendly and convenient interface design. The goal was to achieve clear hierarchy, a simplified donor registration process and seamless interactions.

The atomic design component and Storybook UI libraries allow to centrally maintain the DKMS DNA across all touchpoints and platforms, and to streamline the design creation and web development process.

But we are not only responsible for the overall website experience, but also for the entire global digital appearance of the brand, featuring social media, email communication and more.

[object Object] Technology
A fully custom and static platform for all countries.

The end result is 8 interconnected websites, comprising individual instances for all international DKMS entities, a secure user portal for donor self service and a separate website for healthcare professionals and the laboratory. The comprehensive platform features a decoupled, headless Kontent.ai CMS and a custom Gatsby frontend – resulting in a high-performance, static single-page application.

We also initiated and integrated a newly developed API landscape consisting of more than 10 individual APIs, while the maximum robust CDN and server infrastructure with AWS enables full reliability and 100% uptime since the launch in 2021 – which is inevitable in the fight against blood cancer.

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