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Technology Innovation

Technology Intelligence

We forge and merge AI technologies tailored to the clients needs.

What we do
Generative AI
Machine Learning
Neural Network
Embedded Systems
BLE & Thread
We don’t talk about AI. We build it since 2018.

Whether you need a simple chatbot, rapid content or an automated error detection for your software — we will find the right smart solution for you. And if there is nothing suitable on the market, we are able to build and train your very own AI. Just as we have been doing for the German market leader for technical luminaires since 2018.

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[object Object] Data Analysis
Your data is key for our solution.

Our in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning enables us to evaluate existing AI technologies and tools for your specific needs and data landscape, but also even create and set up own custom neural networks to train components for complex pattern recognition, prediction and automation.

Data AnalysisData Analysis
[object Object] Training
We train data towards intelligence.

By feeding your data base model with diverse datasets, we train it in processing information, improving hyperparameters and fitting iteratively. Through continuous refinement and optimization, we ensure that the neural network becomes highly adept and effective at identifying subtle nuances and predicting outcomes correctly in the real world.

[object Object] Prediction
Competitive advantage is a question of anticipation.

Once the neural network is ready for decision-making (machine learning) and pattern recognition (deep learning), the technologies using the AI have the power to predict accurate and reliable outcomes. In this way, actionable insights are gained from huge and diverse data sets, enabling innovation and competitive advantage — all automatically.


Self-healing is no longer a dream. GEN AI-driven testing automatically detects and corrects errors for an unmatched reliability.

Target groups are old-school. By analyzing customer data with AI, every experience can be reshaped for each individual and situation.

Fewer customer calls? We employ smart chatbots that revolutionize customer support with automated answers to common questions.

Content is data with a soul. We implement AI-powered tools enabling the rapid production of new content for your products.

Clients profiting from this service:
Global, high performance web platforms for the fight against blood cancer.Global, high performance web platforms for the fight against blood cancer.
Since 2014
Global, high performance web platforms for the fight against blood cancer.
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Customer centric B2B wholesale experiences that convert.Customer centric B2B wholesale experiences that convert.
Since 2009
Customer centric B2B wholesale experiences that convert.
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