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Adunique is delighted to have been able to support companies such as Postbank, Sparkasse, Telekom and many others.

Delivered Services
Technology InnovationBusiness AdvisoryInterface DesignUser ExperienceSoftware DevelopmentProduct Strategy
[object Object] Postbank
Improving security and transparency for banking clients.

Professional costumer service as well as conceptual, design and technical agency for the Postbank Innovation Department. Development of various prototypes and resulting for final solutions for secure and transparent money and contract investment planning for the approx. 12 million Postbank costumers.

[object Object] Sparkasse
Easing the process of opening portfolios and youth accounts.

Design of wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes for youth accounts and a streamlined portfolio opening process. By conducting qualitative user testing, valuable real-world insights were gained allowing for refinement and optimization of selected interactions and areas of the experience.

[object Object] kautel
Fresh appearance for a security deposit portal.

Transformed online and offline presence for the security deposit and digital service provider Kautel, working with insurance companies such as R+V and Provinzial, featuring a modern and refreshed website design, modernized product icons and flyer layouts that effectively present products and information.

[object Object] Cure4SCD
A website dedicated to share hope for sickle cell patients in Africa.

Creation and hosting of a friendly, welcoming Webflow website that features custom content blocks, vivid animations and a blog feature to bring patient stories to life and to invite visitors to engage and explore the high prevalence of sickle cell disease in sub-sahara Africa.

[object Object] DKMS LIFE
Intuitive seminar and help finding for cancer patients.

Refreshed digital presence for the non-profit organization DKMS LIFE, enabling cancer patients to quickly and easily find and book local and online ‘look good feel better’ cosmetic seminars and hair programs to help them cope with the changes caused by the cancer treatment.

[object Object] Adven
Facilitating the access to medical cannabis therapies.

Conception and development of a step-by-step tool for physicians that enables an intuitive search for the right type of therapy and that makes the application to the health insurance company easier than ever.

[object Object] CannaCare
Canobo Onlineshop: A multi-brand store for CBD products

Design of a Magento-based online store for CannaCare. The products of the four sub-brands are structured and made accessible through an all-encompassing information architecture, an UX-optimized navigation and a color guidance system.

[object Object] Canorigo
An all-new cannabis wiki and community.

Corporate, interface and experience design for a massive cannabis database offering an intuitive, filterable strain search, organized in-depth information, consumer reports and ratings, an user forum and modern interactions.

[object Object] Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen
Building a new platform with headless CMS for a local museum.

Elaboration and development of a standalone website and immersive on-site interfaces like a digital paperchase for the Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen, featuring a minimalistic but modern design language, a profound information architecture, a Sanity headless CMS for easy content management and user accounts.

[object Object] Telekom
A fully modular framework for the future city.

Starting with the 1st place at a hackathon at the Telekom headquarters in Bonn, we elaborated the concept for an application for the city of the future. The digital evolution of a city enables the integration of diverse smart content for local users in one hub, such as public transportation, events, local alerts, neighborhood community and civic duties.

[object Object] Trebeck & von Broich
Branding and web appearance for an award-winning law office.

We have designed and developed the website and several print products such as office supplies, business cards and more for a local employment law firm that won the JUVE award in 2022 – one of the most prestigious awards in the legal sector.

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